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APPLY ONLINE: Easily upload documents, directly through our online application. Just make scans or take clear pictures of your original, official academic credentials.

In order to evaluate your credentials in terms of U.S. college/university equivalency, the following documentation and instructions are required:

          a. Originals (or clear and legible notarized photocopies of the original educational documents).
          b. All final diplomas and/or certificates.
          c. Transcripts with mark sheets/academic records that indicate subjects and examination results.


Non-English speaking countries whose educational institutions issue English language credentials directly must submit records in

For Example: Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, and Yemen.

  • Algeria/Morocco/Tunisia: Documents must be issued in French by the academic institution.
  • Commonwealth Countries: Academic records from institutions and external examinations results issued by the examining authority.
  • Germany: Diploma/Prüfungszeugnisse / Scheine and additional documentation (Studienplan, Prüfungsordnung) or transcripts
    issued by the Faculty or Office of International Affairs indicating theoretical and practical hours for all subjects on a semester basis.
  • India/Pakistan/Bangladesh: Degree certificate(s) or provisional degree certificate(s) and all university-issued mark sheets, with
    syllabus indicating exact paper titles.
  • Latin America: Degree/Certificate and transcripts (certificado de notas / calificaciones) indicating all subjects studied, including
    grades and credits or hours of study.
  • The People’s Republic of China: Graduation and degree certificates, including transcripts issued in Chinese by the academic institution.


Request for Additional Documentation After Initial Review of Documents:  In the case of incomplete documentation or when additional information is required, a document request will be issued. Word Communication International reserves the right to request original documents and to have official records sent directly to our office by the issuing institution. An evaluation report will be prepared only after all requested material has been received to the satisfaction of Word Communication International.

Evaluation Recognition:  Most applicants are referred to Word Communication International by agencies or institutions. When this is not the case, applicants are advised to check with the institution, licensing board, or agency to which they intend to submit the report to make certain that the report will be recognized.

Reassessments of Educational Equivalencies:  Evaluations are based upon the best information and resources currently available to professional evaluators in the U.S. Word Communication International reserves the right to reassess educational equivalencies as additional information becomes available.

Forged and Altered Documents:  When it has been determined that any document submitted has been forged or altered in any way, the application will be canceled and no evaluation report will be prepared. The documents become the property of Word Communication International, Inc. All recipients indicated on the application form and other appropriate authorities will be notified.

Refunds:  No refunds will be issued once an application has been submitted.

  • Word Communication International reserves the right not to accept an application for evaluation.


The approximate processing time for evaluation reports is fifteen (15) working days from the day that all required fees, documents, and information are received by W.C.I. unless additional research is required.


Please Read And Answer All Questions Carefully On The Application

24-Hour Service:

US $125.00 in addition to the basic fee. Turnaround time is within 24 hours from receipt of the application, required documents, and fees.

5-Day Service: 

US $75.00 in addition to the basic fee. Turnaround time is five (5) working days from receipt of the application, required documents, and fees. 

MEMBER: NAFSA National Association for Foreign Affairs.

NOTE: A transcript translation fee will apply of $65.00 US per page that needs to be translated from the original document native language to English. Education documents must be in English prior to starting your education evaluation. Please select the "Document Translation Service" BUTTON under the "Add On Service" on the "Order Translation" page when ordering your evaluation Services. Select the number of education transcript pages that need to be translated to English when ordering your evaluation service. When Word Communication International receives full payment, your documents will be translated to English to start your education evaluation.

IMPORTANT: Please list all education institutions attended below, BEGINNING with elementary school and including the school you are currently attending or highest education attended school information.
Please sign the application with your computer mouse, stylus or finger on a mobile device or touch screen.
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I certify that all the information provided in the application is correct. I have read the instructions and conditions provided with this application and agree to the terms stated therein. The report is advisory and not binding upon any agency or institution that uses it. Finally, I release Word Communication International from any liability for damages resulting from the use to which I or any agency or institution puts the evaluation report.

IMPORTANT – You can submit your application and documents online by filling out the above information completely and attaching the required documentation for evaluation by selecting the “Submit Online Application” button.  You can also print this completed application page and mail it to Word Communication International with the following requirement: 

a. You MUST Photocopy and NOTARIZE all academic records/transcripts/diplomas and certified literal English translations. Disclaimer of Liability: Word Communication International, Inc. will not be held liable or responsible for loss or damage when a client sends his/her original documents. 

b. Secure credit card payments accepted online, or mail check or money order payable to Word Communication International, Inc., or call us directly to pay with a credit card over the phone.

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