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Word Communication International is headquartered in the United States, we work with students and adults from around the world, to translate education credits from schools located outside of the United States. A foreign academic credentials service is required when students attend or graduate from a foreign academic institution(s) and plan to continue education or get employment within the United States. International academic credential evaluators of foreign credits are required for students and adults that earned international education credits, diplomas, or a degree and need a foreign college transcript evaluation to continue education in the United States. A foreign credential evaluation service also assists in job placement and finding employment that requires skills in specific career fields. Prior to a foreign degree transcript evaluation, international education records are required to complete the education evaluation by a registered foreign academic credentials service. WCI’s international academic credential evaluators review clients’ international school documents and help current students and graduates apply their earned credits toward a degree or diploma for a school, college, or university located in the United States Of America. WCI’s Doctorate degree foreign academic credentials service will accurately do a Ph.D. foreign degree transcript evaluation report of the equivalent education credit earned. The foreign college transcript evaluation can be used for admission to a US academic institution or for employment in the United States.

Word Communication offers a comprehensive education evaluation solution for international students that are looking to work with a top-rated foreign academic credentials service. Using our PhD foreign credential evaluation service is affordable, quick, and easy with our online ordering, payments, teleconference interviews, or scheduled office face-to-face consultations. Word Communication International offers a total foreign credential evaluation service that will work for you! Most standard international degree credit translations are completed within 15 Days or less. As a foreign academic credentials service add-on, your education evaluation report can be completed as quickly as 24 hours if needed. WCI is respected as a top global international academic credential evaluator for education credit translation in a variety of studies and countries. We have successfully assisted students and hundreds of clients around the globe with our foreign academic credentials service for PhD and Doctorate Degree evaluations. You can feel confident that our evaluators can help also with international high school diplomas, associates, bachelor, and master degree foreign credential academic assessment. Our assessment process have been perfected over the years through aged and current global data that ensure all international credits reflect the most recent academic standards. Word Communication International has helped our clients meet their goals and achieve their education and career dreams. Our foreign degree transcript evaluation review process assures you will be properly allocated the international scholastic credits earned gets the equivalent US credits.


Foreign Academic Credentials Service For Doctorate Degree International School Credits.

We guide our clients through the education admission process with ease, including all required documents needed with our PhD foreign credential evaluation service. If you studied abroad, overseas or outside of the United States, and earned academic credits, and have a foreign degree, or international diploma that needs to be evaluated – WCI Can Help!

Many of our clients that take advantage of our foreign academic credentials service are from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They are US citizen, legal immigrants, and foreign exchange students with international documentation that they need translated. The majority of our clients are planning on attending school, or looking for employment in the United States and need foreign documents evaluated prior to school admission or employment in the USA. A foreign credential evaluation service by registered international academic credential evaluators is the first step. Proper paper work ensures an easy transition when attaining the proper documentation for equal US education credits. Word Communication offers academic credit translations in several languages. Some of the most popular are in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and more. If you have any questions regarding our foreign academic credentials service or would like to schedule a consultation. You can schedule appointment online, email us through our contact form, or call us today!

For international students that want to continue their studies, or find employment in the US. It is important to be able to produce the appropriate documentation for your success. A foreign college transcript evaluation ensures you are able to continue studying in the US at the high school, college or university level, with education credits earned from a school(s) outside of the country (United States). An accurate foreign degree transcript evaluation of foreign documents, ensures you save time and money. Contact us today so you can have a smooth transition to your United States education institution and or employment in the USA.

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Foreign Ph.D Degree Evaluation Online

Along with our Ph.D. / Doctorate foreign academic credentials service. We also offer a variety of foreign credit evaluation options for high school diploma, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and master degree education credit translations.

The foreign credential evaluation services we offer were designed to aid international students further their studies in the United States. If you studied overseas and completed your degree abroad, or have foreign school credits that could apply towards a degree in the US, WCI can assist with the document translation process. By providing a thorough international credential assessment to the school admission department, or to an employer will validate your previous academic experience and qualifications. Foreign students that want to continue their studies in the United States, it is vital to use experienced international academic credential evaluators for a successful credit evaluation. A qualified foreign academic credentials service can ensure you are able to continue studies in America, and the appropriate qualified credits earned are applied to your US diploma or degree. A validated education credit assessment from a respected translation company ensures the international school credits already earned apply to US studies, saving time and money.

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