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Word Communication International is a US based company, that works with international students and adults, to translate education credits earned from schools abroad that are located outside of the United States. An international credentials evaluation is required when students attended, or graduate from a foreign academic institution(s) and plan to enroll in a US school, college, or university, or seek employment within the USA. International evaluation services are ideal for students and adults that earned a diploma or degree credits from an international school and are looking to continue their education in America, and or to find employment in a specific job field that requires a complete international degree evaluation. Global education evaluations are required to properly translate foreign documents for International certificate evaluation for students and graduates of foreign education credits. WCI’s associate degree international credentials evaluation service will accurately and completely translate credits from foreign schools to the equivalent education credit for admission to a US educational institution.

WCI offers a complete comprehensive international certificate evaluation solution for students around the world. Getting your international credentials evaluation completed is affordable and quick with proper documentation. A standard associates degree evaluation can be completed within two weeks or as fast as 24 hours. An accurate global education evaluation assures you that all required documentation needed are complete and correct for admission to a US university and college. Word Communication has successfully helped hundreds of clients and international students complete the evaluation of their international credentials for associate degree programs along with; high school diploma, bachelor, master and doctorate degree education credit translation and evaluation services. Word Communication International is respected as an industry leader within the academic international evaluation service industry. With international translation degree evaluation experience that spans over two decades, our database always is current and continually updated, to ensure it reflects the current academic standards for appropriate education credit evaluation and assessment. For over twenty six years WCI has assisted students meet their goals and achieve their education and career dreams. Our proven proprietary education credit review process assures you will be properly allocated the US equivalent education credits you earned abroad.



An Accurate International Degree Evaluation Will Maximize Your Associate Degree Credits.

You can feel confident WCI will guide you through the complicated admission process with ease, and all the documentation needed for your international credentials evaluation. If you studied abroad, or at a school outside of the United States, and have an international degree, diploma, or other education documents that need to be evaluated – We Can Help! Many of our clients are a US citizen, legal immigrants, and foreign exchange students with international documents. The majority of our customers are planning on attending school, or looking for employment in the United States and need document translation. An international degree evaluation by a registered education translation service, is the first step to an easy transition when attaining the proper documentation for US education corresponding credits. Word Communication International offers degree evaluations in several languages. A few of our most popular evaluations are completed in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Arabic and many more. If you have any question regarding your international credentials evaluation, or would like to schedule a consultation. You can schedule appointment online, email us through our contact form, or call us today!

For international students that want to continue their studies, or find employment in the US. It is important to be able to produce the appropriate documentation for your success. An International certificate evaluation, ensures that you are able to continue studying within the US at high school, college or university level with foreign education earned credit equivalency. An accurate assessment of translated foreign documents, ensures that you do not waste any time or money. Contact us today to ensure a smooth transition of your education and qualification to a United States academic institution or employment in the USA.


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Foreign Associate Degree Evaluation Online


Along with our International Credentials Evaluation Associate Degree Service. We also offer degree evaluation for high school diploma, bachelor degrees, master degrees and PhD evaluations.

All the education credit evaluation services we offer were created and perfected to help international students. The number of foreign students entering the US to further their studies continues to rise every year, and for good reason. If you have studied internationally in some capacity and wish to use that study towards an educational credit within the US, we can help. By providing a thorough international credentials evaluation, you can be certain that you are getting the most out of your previous academic experience and qualifications. For international students that want to continue their studies in the US, being able to produce an accurate global education evaluation report is key to your success. An accurate international degree evaluation can ensure you are able to continue studying within the US at high school, college or at the university level. A validated education translation from a respected evaluator company ensures you keep the education credits you already earned, ultimately saving you money and time.


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