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WCI’s transcript translation services are personalized evaluations for international students, non-US citizens, legal immigrants, and US citizens with academic credentials from universities outside of the United States. If you received an education, diploma, or degree at an institution from another country, and are seeking an international transcript evaluation to study or find employee transcript translation services in America we are here to help! WCI has been providing expert foreign transcripts evaluation and transcript evaluation services globally to our clients since 1987. Our team of experienced professional evaluation specialists will evaluate foreign transcripts and generate an accurate, certified report of your foreign documents that convert to the equivalent of US institution accreditation credit. Word Communication International’s client list includes happy customers and thousands of completed accurate evaluations.  let us help you with our free consultation of your transcript translation service that will best fit your needs.

WCI is a complete solution that offers certified foreign transcripts evaluation, and transcript translation services for most international schools, colleges, universities, and higher learning institutions abroad in multiple languages.
International transferring students from other countries require a licensed transcript evaluation service to accurately translate foreign documents and evaluate foreign transcripts prior to admission to schools within the United States. Often many institutions require proper supporting documents and the international transcript evaluation to be submitted directly to the administration office of the institution the student will be attending. Word Communication International understands the admission process for international students and offers the proper assistance that includes the correct translation of transcripts, degrees, diplomas, certifications, foreign credits earned, and other important educational records and documents that are required. Our certified reports and supporting documents are accepted at most transcript translation services, universities, colleges, high schools, and employers in the United States through our accreditations, years of experience, and academic reputation.


WCI understands that U.S. transcript evaluation services and academic institutions require legible and clear documentation of precise word-for-word translations of every document required.
We offer transcript translation services in many languages, a few of the most popular international transcript evaluations are Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic. These services include the translation of transcripts, diplomas degrees and other important educational records and documents. Our certified certificates are also accepted at evaluation services, universities and colleges in the United States. We understand our clients are some of the brightest students in the world and we are here to help you achieve your academic and career goals. Consequently, whether you are preparing transcript translation services to join high school, applying for college, or going abroad for advanced study, you can count on our Word Communication International transcript translation services to meet your goals! Therefore, if you have international education documents, Contact WCI and use our foreign transcripts evaluation services to accurately validate your foreign credentials. You can also get in touch with the academic institution(s) you are applying to for information about the documents that need to be translated, and let us know so we can help you. Our transcript translation services will form the basis of your application (and other processes that will determine your academic standing). In most cases, institutions are strict about the preparations and classes you must undertake. Through the services we offer, you will be able to finally get the credentials needed to allow you to pursue and achieve your goals.


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