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Improve your employment opportunities and educational goals with a high school diploma evaluation. WCI will review your foreign education high school transcripts from a school outside of the US and transcribe your international documents to the United States high school diploma equivalent.

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High School Diploma Evaluation Foreign and International Transcript Service.

Word Communication International offers a comprehensive evaluation of your high school diploma, with our diploma evaluation service. WCI will evaluate your HS diploma and transcribe it so you can be confident that your credentials are recognized and respected within the US High Schools’ graduate equivalent. Our foreign credential evaluation service is also perfect for those who have university degrees from outside the United States; we’ll make sure that your degree is properly translated to further your employment and career goals.

Foreign High School Diploma International School Transcript Evaluation Benefits. 

If you’re a high school graduate with a foreign diploma, our high school diploma evaluation service can help you get the equivalent of a US high school diploma. We’ll transcribe your foreign diploma and evaluate it against the standards of US high schools. This way, you’ll be able to show employers that you have the skills and qualifications they’re looking for. So don’t let a foreign diploma hold you back from getting the job you want. Let us help you get the recognition you deserve. If you’re looking to further your education but worried that your high school diploma may not be up to par, we can help. Our high school diploma evaluation service will ensure that your degree is properly transcribed and equivalent to United States diploma standards. With our international education foreign credential evaluation, you can rest assured that your academic qualifications will be recognized by universities and colleges worldwide. So don’t let your high school diploma hold you back. Start planning for your bright future today with WCI’s high school diploma evaluation service.


Order your high school diploma online for an easy accurate evaluation of your education documents!

  • You can order your international degree evaluation directly from the website by selecting the translation service “Add To Cart” button.
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