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Need Additional Copies Of Your Foreign Credit Evaluation Report?

Word Communication International includes two sets of document copies with completed international college credit evaluation reports. As an add on service, WCI offers our clients the option to order additional copies of their foreign credit evaluations if needed. This is an add on service fee in addition to the foreign credential evaluation if more than the included two copies are required. The extra copy(s) request must be ordered with the education credit evaluation application.

Order Extra Copies With The Original Foreign Credit Evaluation Application – (Add On Service).

foreign credential evaluation report

Please Note: A $10 fee will be charged for each additional foreign transcript copy set needed, in addition to the international college credit evaluation report fee. If more than the included (2) two copies are required, please add the additional copy quantity needed to your cart when ordering your education evaluation.

Example: A completed foreign credential evaluation report includes, (2) two copies with the standard fee. If you need a total of (4) four complete document (copies) sets. Add 2 additional copies to your shopping cart with this add on service when ordering your initial Foreign Credit Evaluation.

If copies of your education transcript are needed after receiving the completed documents, and the additional copies were not ordered with the initial evaluation report application. A $25 per copy fee will apply for an extra copy if not placed with the original foreign credit evaluation application. If you have any question ordering additional copies. please contact Word Communication International.


Click Add To Cart – To Add (1) One Extra Foreign Credential Evaluation Copy…

Add the number of copies needed to you cart and the add on service fee per copy will apply. Please click  Add To Cart  button above to add one extra copy to your cart, this is an add on service with an additional fee. You will also need to add your required international college credit evaluation report to the cart.


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