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Get Your Academic Credit Translation Faster With WCI’s 5 Day International Degree Evaluation Service.


The average processing time for a foreign education translation report is 15 business days, upon Word Communication International receiving all required fees, documents, and information.  International evaluations that require additional research or need a more detailed transcript examination, may take longer to prepare an evaluation.  WCI offers an expedited five-day foreign degree evaluation add-on service for clients that need foreign academic records translated faster.

We understand sometimes our clients require a quicker option for evaluations for job placement and school enrolment.  WCI offers an add-on international degree equivalency five-day service option.  Many of our clients see great value in paying little more for our 5 Day international degree evaluation service.  The 5 Day turnaround services fee is in addition to the basic evaluation fee.

5-Day Turnaround  – International Degree Evaluation (Add On Service).

Please note: In addition to the basic fee for an evaluation. You have the option of our international degree equivalency Five Day service. We will expedite your evaluation upon receipt of full
payment, required documents, and information. If for any reason the foreign credential evaluation report cannot be completed within the specified time WCI will be
in contact with the client.

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If you would like to have the 5 Day international degree evaluation service, please click Add To Cart button above to add the service to your cart, this is an add-on service with an additional fee.  You will also need to add the international degree evaluation service you need along with the five-day turnaround service.


International Evaluation Services: 

International High School Diploma Translation Service
International Associate’s Degree Translation Service
International Bachelor’s Degree Translation Service
International Master’s Degree Translation Service
International Ph.D. Degree Translation Service

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