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Comprehensive Services If you’re wondering where to evaluate an international degree in the USA, you’ve landed in the right place. WCI primarily provides people with a foreign degree evaluation in the USA. We help you figure out what the US equivalent of your foreign degree is.

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Word Communication International provides school credential evaluation of international academic programs translated to United States equivalents.

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Dr. Joseph Kielsky and Herman Lincoln are Co-Founders of Word Communication International, Herman Lincoln is the President of W.C.I and oversees all aspects of foreign credential education evaluations. We are here to help you take that next step in life as you pursue your new academic, career, military, and/or professional goals. With over three decades of expertise, knowledge, and reliability, we can help you meet your foreign credential evaluation and translation needs and related fields. Word Communication International currently provides evaluations for numerous Attorneys, Non-profits, Corporations, Department of Corrections, U.S. Military, Colleges and Universities throughout the United States as well as the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration and Departments of Education in various states. We have acquired in-depth knowledge of many professional and academic fields.

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About Word Communication International

Did you acquire your education or certifications somewhere other than the USA? If you were born and educated in different countries, you can further your education or find employment in the USA if you wish. Some US born and raised citizens may have sought educational degrees or certifications abroad. Now, they want to come back to the USA and implement the credentials they earned.

In any case, a university or employment agency may not accept foreign-earned credentials in their original form. You may have to get a specialized agency to transfer or evaluate them. That’s where Word Communication International steps in. For more than 3 decades, we’ve been the leading provider of transcript and foreign degree evaluations in the USA. Read more about what we stand for and how our expert team can help you pursue educational and employment opportunities in the USA.

Our Goal

WCI strives to help those educated in different countries earn proper recognition in the USA for their achievements. You may have studied at the most prestigious university in your home country. Or, perhaps you spent years perfecting your impressive craft and earned a notable certification. Sadly, your efforts are for naught in the USA unless you seek educational credential assessment services. Our team at WCI will assess your credentials and pinpoint the US equivalent. This way, a US university can rest assured that you belong to a certain educational level. An American employer can see that you hold the necessary qualifications to perform a job well done. There are plenty of opportunities to pursue in the USA. We won’t allow nit-picky exclusions to prevent you from chasing them. The Word Communication International team will broaden the scope of your educational opportunities with simple transcript and degree evaluation services in the USA.

Who We Help

As we mentioned above, we help foreign-educated individuals obtain employment and further their education goals. Learn about the specific groups of people we help through our foreign degree evaluation services in the USA below…

Students Seeking Higher Education:

Did you know that nearly 6% of students enrolled in US higher education are international students? This figure is up significantly from 70 years ago when it was only around 1%. WCI strives to serve the increasing number of international students enrolled in US higher education. No matter if you want to pursue undergraduate or graduate education, we’ll help ease the transition with our transcript evaluation service. We’ve also assisted many students with their placements into professional schools like culinary institutes and music conservatories.

Workers Looking for Employment:

Are you interested in working in the USA? Applying for a job in your home country is intensive enough you have to showcase your credentials and educational experience to prove you’re qualified. You’ll add another layer of complexity when applying for a job in the USA. Your employer may be hesitant to hire you because they don’t understand your qualifications or can’t translate them easily. They may overlook your application completely because of this kind of barrier. The WCI team offers educational credential assessments to increase your chances of securing a position.

Professionals Seeking Licensed Positions:

Some professional positions require very specific licensing requirements. These positions can range from a primary care physician to a beautician. No matter your background, you put a lot of effort into honing your skills and gaining your expertise. We want to ensure that you can demonstrate your knowledge in the US. You shouldn’t have limited opportunities because clients can’t understand your qualifications. We’ll complete an educational credential assessment so that you can comprehend your qualifications in US terms.